letus anamorphic adapter


DAILY / 80.00 - WEEKEND / 120.00 - WEEK / 200.00

The medium flare Letus AnamorphX Adapter with Built-In Matte Box provides a 1.33 anamorphic squeeze to normal video/photography with a minimal level of anamorphic flare. The adapter includes a matte box that attaches using four screws. This adapter paired with your existing non-anamorphic lenses, produces an image with a 2.39 aspect ratio when used on a camera with a 16 x 9 sensor. The adapter works with prime lenses and zoom lenses, and its optics are suitable for productions shooting video at resolutions from HD up to 4K. This AnamorphX adapter provides a strong anamorphic flare effect in addition to expanding the aspect ratio by 1.33x.