zeiss cine prime lenses


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The Wondlan LE402 Leopard IV is the Carbon Fiber DeLuxe Edition can carry Wondlan of 6 kg to 15 kg. The stabilization system is very easy to install and adjust and provides excellent stability. The system is made of lightweight materials, but still very robust.
The arm has a range of 180 degrees horizontally and 1.5 meters vertically. The tension spring and the materials used are extremely robust, making the Leopard IV Deluxe can support a weight up to 15 kg. The button can be the force of the spring set, depending on the weight of the camera. Thanks to the quick-release pin, you can disengage the support arm and the vest quickly.
The vest ensures that you can carry your camera and Steadicam ergonomic. The weight is distributed over shoulder, back, waist, etc.. Every part of it can be adjusted to make the wearing comfort as high as possible. The camera can also be attached to the right with the West-arm pin on the vest either on the left. The buckle is made of a super-heavy metal so this is more robust than a standard buckle.
With the telescopic arm, consisting of two sections, you can extend the support rod of 620 mm to 980 mm. In the bar there is a cable system for the supply HDMI and AV. The height of the monitor is to be adjusted according to his own insight and can be rotated in all directions without you here have load of blind spots. The base plate is a bi-directional system that can be very accurately adjusted. The Steadycam has different weights to know 4 x 400 grams and 4 x 200 grams. These weights provide additional stability. The Steadycam is made mostly of carbon fiber, making it remains highly portable.